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About us

Our story

IJIT is a social community art enterprise project founded in 2005. Our metal art is designed and produced by our skilled metal workers in Kenya. We bring together unemployed local artisans with great talent in art work from poor backgrounds to build art exhibits aesthetically powerful to educate a global audience and spark positive changes.

It is under this aphorism that the organization brings together an array of talented artists from different local communities to create monumental animal art made from recycled metal that is awakening the hearts and minds of viewers.

The Collection stems from our passion for Africa, its people and its wildlife.Each sculpture is hand crafted from re-cycled metal and may take many weeks to complete.

Our project is all about the community. We support the youth (18 to 35) and use our social enterprise to pay bonuses to employees, invest in a welfare programme that allows a zero return in funds to all employees to help facilitate payments for educating their children, buying land and other means.

The universal story of this show is education, conservation and an exhilarating, close-up examination of the beauty of the world's best beloved animals. Different species of animals have special relationships with each other; animals have connections with their families just like we do. And of course, people have a connection with nature. We hope that you can look at "Safari Adventure" travel exhibition and appreciate both nature and the sculptures as something beautiful.